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Презентаційна система Oktashop

Häfele bringt Ihnen mehr Profit Oktashop is a service with significant added value. Oktashop revalues your exhibition room and opens up additional sales facilities.

The Oktashop service package includes:

  • Individual advice on site,
  • Made-to-measure shop-in-shop planning,
  • Product range set-up,
  • Sampling service,
  • Help in setting up the presentation system,
  • Training your sales team,
  • Product range monitoring and updating,
  • Price labelling.

Oktashop is suitable for installing in front of walls, around corners, in a row, free-standing and for installing around columns.

The Oktashop column can support up to 7 display panels, each display panel containing up to 12 sample boards per side.

The Oktashop service also includes comprehensive sales promotion: Door handle brochure, action flyer with your corporate image, sample case for on-the-road presentation and much more.


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