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вул. Богдана Хмельницького, 200
79037, Львів,
Львівська обл.
телефон: +38032 235 15 63
факс: +38032 235 15 60
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Project advice

If you are in the planning phase of any construction project, please contact our project department at the Häfele headquarters in Nagold. 

Our project specialists will advise you using their system expertise in all matters concerning architectural hardware and applications ranging from identification and access control to door fittings and intelligent interior fitting. We will also help you to prepare tender offers using tender texts and locking plans, for example.

For international projects we can fall back on our worldwide network of Häfele project specialists and look after projects where the customer is in New York, the architect's office is in Singapore and the project is in Dubai, for example.

Проекти за участю компанії "Häfele":

Sydney Opera          Chicago Beach, Dubai    Shanghai Tower

Häfele Headquarter   INI Hospital Hannover  Hotel Bury el Arab

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